Beach Bribery

One of the dangers we’ve discovered traveling together is that when we have down time we tend to break out our phones and start researching potential unplanned destinations.  That’s how we ended up on a flight to Bali.  But there are worse impromptu decisions to have made.
Bali, of course, is an island.  But it’s bigger than we’d expected and the traffic rivals Los Angeles because the roads are narrow and completely uncontrolled.  In fact, it’s common to have to dodge one of the thousands of scooters using the sidewalk as an optional lane.  And they carry anything and everything on those scooters, from families of four to bags of cement to entire restaurants worth of food, Somehow even in the utter chaos, though, despite the many near misses, we never witnessed an accident.
Bali is a place of leisure and we took advantage of that, often lounging in the pool area of the Grand Balisani Suites drinking beer while overlooking the South China Sea.  The hotel itself was older, but the setting magnificent and the food excellent.  Edward had one of the best steaks he’d ever eaten.  Who knew!
It wasn’t all lounging, though, as we did venture out on a scuba diving trip.  Yes, Courtney strapped on a tank and swam with the sharks.  Well, puffer fish anyway, one of which nearly kissed Courtney on it’s way by.  We dove around the USS Liberty, a WWII ship sunk by the Japanese.  So lucky to enjoy one of the world’s top dive sites.  Once you get over the idea that you’re actually breathing underwater, the panic subsides and diving is an incredibly rich activity.  Courtney says she’s even game to get certified one day!
Before we went!
Edward was going through golf withdrawal as evidenced by the practice swings in the mirror so he rented a scooter and headed to the Bali National Golf Club.   Then he unintentionally got in the wrong lane on a toll road and got pulled over by the police.  He was threatened with a $1/2 million Rupiah fine, 30 days in jail and the confiscation of the scooter.  Admittedly he was a little rattled at first, but then quickly realized it was all bullshit.  But he wasn’t about to test that theory. So he bribed him with $40US and got the hell on his way.   Needless to say, he arrived at the course late and played crappy on a really pretty course.  Add to that getting lost on the way back to pick up Courtney at the pole studio she found and we’d had enough of Bali for the day.  Good thing our hotel had a pool and cold beer!
Man and his machine
Honestly other than that we didn’t do much.  Woke up every morning and walked down to our new favorite breakfast place that had the most incredible pancakes we’ve ever tasted, drank a lot of beer, swam and hung out.  It was nice to recharge for a few days in between all the running we’ve been doing.
Best. Pancakes. Ever….
We’re supposed to head to Vietnam, but the flights are bad so we’re headed to Kuala Lumpur first for a couple days.  Farewell, Bali!

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