Singing in the Rain

Since the only way to get to Vietnam from Bali was via Kuala Lumpur with at least a 9-hour layover, we decided to make a weekend out of it.  Plus, Courtney had a family friend there who was happy to entertain us one night!

What should have been a quick flight over quickly turned into the nightmare flight.  First, we thought it was a 2-hour flight.  Not so.  It’s actually a 3-hour flight.  We also thought there was a one hour time difference between Bali and KL, meaning we would get in an hour earlier.  Again, not so. No time difference at all.  So the 4 PM flight out that we thought would get in at 5 PM really didn’t get in until 7 PM.  That was bad enough.  Then add a 5-hour delay onto that!  By the time we actually landed in KL, got thru customs and checked into our hotel it was 2:30 in the morning and we had been traveling for 13 hours.  So much for a quick trip!!

Saturday, the trip was fairly unremarkable.  We didn’t do much other than run a few errands and pick up a few things we needed for our trip.

However, Saturday evening we had the pleasure of having dinner with some family friends, Bashir and Zee.  Bashir informed us we would be going to the “clubs” for drinks and dinner, and to make sure we were dressed appropriately.  Not having any idea what that meant, we put on our finest clothes (translation – our cleanest clothes!) and headed out for the evening.

First stop was the private cricket club they belonged to.  It was a lovely first stop.  There was a massive rainstorm currently happening, with an amazing lightening and thunder show happening.  We sat outside on the covered patio, had drinks and chatted away.  At one point Bashir turned to Courtney, pointed to another area of the club and informed her that ladies aren’t allowed in there, other than one day a year.  So much for progressive thinking!

Next was onto another club for supper.  After having a great meal, we moved inside to the lounge where two young KL women were singing covers to 80s hits.  Bashir continued to ply us with alcohol all the while singing along with the young women, making up words when we think he didn’t know them.  He would have been a great person to go karaoke with!

In da club…..

After yet another late night, we woke up early Sunday morning and headed out to our original destination of Vietnam.  This is supposed to be our last detour….we will see what happens!!